The Hub

The Hub is a group made up of community organizations and people that have come together to work in Community Economic Development projects in the Upper Skeena. The Hubs mission is to work cooperatively together to help build literacy, health and economic prosperity goals into our work and our CED projects.

Initially formed in 2007, this group meets to share information, request Hub partner support and work together to plan for future projects.  Our values of inclusion, trust, goodwill and civic responsibility are reflected in our belief that these social assets are important in growing a healthy local economy.

Our logo was specially designed and chosen to represent the energetic, activist nature of the HUB group. Our motto is Local People, Local Action. The group meets the last Wednesday of every month at the Learning Shop in the Village of Hazelton.

One of the current projects undertaken by the HUB group is to evaluate our communities progress in setting economic goals that reflect  local values:

Genuine Progress -  2010
The Genuine Progress Indicators group presented a community workshop to discuss the concept of a "multiple bottom line" where economic progress involves discerning and measuring social, environmental and economic values and goals.  Moving forward with the assessments and planning, we are able as a community to track our progress and discuss what we want, rather than what we do not have. We are able to create a measurable set of indicators that track real progress towards a set of our own local economic goals.

Some of our current members include:  


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