About Senden

Senden consists of a three acre garden, historic farmhouse, greenhouse, root cellar and bees.

There are many ways that Senden contributes to our communities through food security activities:

1. Community Supported Agricultural Seasonal Food box program
2. Land-Based program for Indigenous youth through food security skills
3. Donations of produce to elders and community groups and schools
4. Educational tours for toddlers, elementary, high school and college students about where their food comes from
5. We offer a local, in season and free lunch for community members once a month during the gardening season to build and celebrate an inclusive community.

We also engage community members in a a variety of workshops depending on our staff availability. Everything from soil health, composting, dehydrating, canning, preserving and cooking. Recently we acquired an apple press and demonstrated to toddlers and elementary students the process of cold pressing juice.

Especially inspiring and special is that we support community members to gain connection to self, community, and the land. We bring together service providers, agriculture producers, gatherers, traditional knowledge holders, elders, and youth and their families to connect with the goal of building well-being.

Check out our facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/sendencentre/?ref=bookmarks


January 17

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